The Dojo gateway secures your smart TV and other home devices

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The Dojo Is Set to Protect All of Your Electronic Devices

Hypebeast_77f45ab31cd6.jpg Once set up, the Dojo will play the role of a filter for the traffic for all of the incoming and outgoing devices using that same router. Additionally, it also recognizes patterns in order to learn userâs tendencies using algorithms. For more information on the future of device security, visit Dojo Labs.

This Fancy Rock Wants to Protect Your Connected Devices

BullGuard bringing Dojo smart home IoT security suite to US in April

geektime-logo.png Having acquired Dojo-Labs in 2016, BullGuard is now ready to release the finished product in 2017 This year, smart home market revenue in the US is expected to surpass $10.4 billion and reach almost a third of all homes, before doubling in 2021. With that expansion of the internet of things (IoT), a whole host of new privacy and device management challenges will arise. The UK-based BullGuard aims to meet those challenges with a new product, Dojo, that will help users secure and manage those devices, whether they’re baby-cams, appliances, virtual assistants, lights, or locks.

Cybersecurity’s small presence at CES

CyberScoop-Logo.jpeg “Most people don’t know how to login into their own routers, and even if they do, they just see IP addresses or MAC addresses and it doesn’t mean anything to them,” said Yossi Atias, the general manager of IoT security at BullGuard. “We want to give peace of mind and comfort to adapt smart home technology without having to assume the associated risk that comes with it.”

This Small Device Detects Cyber Threats In Your Smart Home Devices

forbes.jpg BullGuard's new product, Dojo by BullGuard, is a new IoT device that will detect and protect smart home devices from cyber threats. Dojo by BullGuard, is a new IoT device that will detect and protect smart home devices from cyber threats. It also protects againt the Mirai Botnet. The Mirai Botnet is malware that turns computer systems running Linux into remote controlled bots. The Mirai Botnet targets online consumer devices like routers and IoT gadgets.