The Dojo gateway secures your smart TV and other home devices

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The 10 innovations that could impact our lives in 2016

TNSV-masthead.png This technology works a little like the body???s immune system, learning what normal activity on the network looks like and then reacting when it sees something unusual. It is the same approach that the security firm Darktrace has successfully employed, and will be a much bigger part of online protection in 2016 and beyond. Dojo-Labs has even created a glowing stone which acts as a physical embodiment of your smart home protection, helping to make digital security feel less abstract.

The Pebble that Can Protect Your Home Network From Cyber Perils

bill insider.png The number of connected devices now exceeds 4 billion, according to Gartner, and is expected to surge to 6 billion in 2016. The proliferation of Wi-Fi-enabled things-from baby monitors to smart locks-makes the home vulnerable to cyber threats, of which the Federal Bureau of Investigation recently issued a warning. The device is created to monitor the behavior of each device that is connected to your home network and help ensure your privacy. And it grows more intelligent with each new gadget and intrusion.

Home security gateway runs Linux, features glowing orb

HBC.png Dojo-Labs announced a Linux-based “Dojo” home security gateway that notifies users of security threats via a mobile app and a glowing orb. An Israeli startup called Dojo-Labs has launched $99 presales on its Dojo security device, with shipments due March 8. After the first year, yearly subscriptions cost an additional $99 per year. CEO Yossi Atias has confirmed to LinuxGizmos that the device runs on a Linux operating system based on a Broadcom distribution.

Dojo Monitors Your Smart Home Network for Wi-Fi Dangers

gr-logo-xmas-2015.png Dojo Labs has been developing smart technology for a while now, but has finally decided to launch its venture and open preorders for the Dojo, a rock-like smart device that wants to keep your home safeâ¦especially when it comes to digital security.

Someone hacking your smart home? The Dojo glows to let you know

y_200_a.png Earlier this year, an HP study found that all the connected home security systems it tested had critical flaws â from encryption issues to a failure to require strong and complex passwords â that left them vulnerable to spying. In the current Wild West of the smart-home landscape, the responsibility of policing our devices rests on consumersâ shoulders, and most of us donât know where to begin.