The Dojo gateway secures your smart TV and other home devices

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4 Devices That Can Help Secure Your Home's IoT

The_Next_Web_Logo.png n fact, the company does deliver on its promises of ease-of-use by offering an over-the-top solution. The device fits into your network without the need of software integration with any existing product, and the app interface that links with the device is designed after the much-familiar messaging apps.

The Dojo Is A Rock That Glows When Someoneâs Attacking Your Smart-Home Devices

digitaltrends_logo.png Today, Dojo-Labs introduced Dojo, a two-device system that monitors all your connected equipment for cyberattacks. One part connects to your router; the other, which looks like a smooth, black rock, sits out in the open and flashes different colors based on whatâs happening on your network.

Dojo Wireless Security Pebble

uncrate@2x.png The more things in your home connect to the Internet, the more important it is to keep them secure. That's exactly what the Dojo Wireless Security Pebble is designed to do. It acts as a guard dog sitting between your gadgets and the 'net, learning their patterns, then looking for changes in those patterns to detect threats. It glows when there is activity that needs to be addressed and communicates via a chat app, speaking to you like a person rather than using a never-ending stream of robotic notifications. And unlike most cyber security products, it's designed to be carried around with you and look great wherever you set it down, even if that's on the main charging base.

The Next Wave of Cybercrime Will Come Through Your Smart TV

pc world.png Some companies are addressing the concerns with new products designed to detect anomalies on networks rather than full-scale antivirus software. For example, F-Secure???s Sense product and one from Dojo-Labs monitor home network traffic flowing to many devices for signs of trouble.

Meet The Winners: The Coolest Israeli Startups And Innovations Of 2015

nclogo2014-2.jpg Israeli startup Dojo Labs has developed a slick, stone-like device, which monitors all data sent by anything connected to the Internet ??? smart TVs, smartphones, smart tablets, and even smart kitchen appliances ??? to determine whether they???re secure. Irregular activity on these devices could signal that a hacker has taken control of a device and might be able to steal sensitive data. Dojo then issues an alert, which shows up on the Dojo mobile app, allowing users to remotely turn off a device or block its communications.