The Dojo gateway secures your smart TV and other home devices

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Dojo Is A Hacker Alarm For Your Home Network

FastCompanyLogo.png The chat-based, human, personified experience with Dojo signals the future of how we could interact with technology.

Dojo monitors your connected smart home for suspicious activity

TechSpot_Logo.png Smart home gadgets â thermostats, door locks, light bulbs, power monitors, security cameras, smart TVs and so on â afford a level of convenience (some would say laziness) that more and more people are finding worthwhile. As connected devices, they also introduce yet another potential entry point for cyber attacks which, depending on how security-conscious (or paranoid) you are, may or may not be a major concern.

Dojo aims to keep your network devices from spying on you

Dojo prevents attacks and detects intrusions through machine learning and behavior tracking.

Dojo Is An Intelligent Rock That Keeps Your Smart Home Devices Safe From Hackers

tech-times-logo.png This new gadget which works in tandem with a compatible app rocks the capability to inform you whenever a hacker tries to gain access to your Internet of Things.

he Best Smart Home Gadgets in 2015

N9IGPFlO.png Making sure your smart home gadgets are secure is incredibly important, and one possible way to do this is by using Dojo. Dojo provides you with smart home security, will automatically block any attacks, and will alert you if you have to take any action.