Hi, I'm Dojo

I will protect all of your connected home devices from malware, viruses and any cyber attack while keeping your privacy intact.

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If there is any security or privacy risk, I'll block it automatically

I'll notify you and keep you updated with security and privacy breaches

And give you control of what you share, with whom

I'll remove from my base and go anywhere in your home

I'll constantly scan your home connected devices for unusual activity making sure your home is cyber safe

About us

How we came to be

Dojo-Labs was formed to define the security of things.

We’re a team of security experts and hackers on a mission to build a security net around the connected home. Currently, no one is leading a charge in defining how we secure this new frontier of technology that’s entering our most private space.

The problem we saw

Our homes contain our most intimate data.

More than 4 billion things are connected to the Internet, most of them in our home. However, the security of these devices and our privacy within our own homes is an afterthought. In order to have a truly smart home, we must have a secure home.

Our product philosophy

We know what makes you vulnerable and ensure that you never are.

Dojo-Labs is building products that you can actually enjoy having protect you. It keeps all your connected devices in check and ensures that you are the one in control of your privacy.

About us



530 Lytton Avenue, 2nd Floor Palo Alto, CA 94301

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